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The Mansky Lab: Lab Pictures

Mansky lab & friends (July, 2014): John Eichorst, Jose Maldonado, Nancy Rolstad, Tara Peterson, Jonathan Rawson, Lauren Beach, Jessica Martin, Bora Faulkner (Grimes/Jardine Lab), Nathaniel Soto-Rosado, Christine Clouser (Clouser Lab), Megan Roth, Louis Mansky.


Colleen Holtz and Louis Mansky at Michael Dapp's wedding, July, 2014


Michael Dapp's wedding, July 2014


Michael Dapp's wedding, July 2014


Jose Maldonado demonstrating the Mansky lab power lunch: Cake and beer.


Celebrating Colleen Holtz's successful Ph.D. dissertation defense!


Mansky lab members (December, 2013): Colleen Holtz, Luke Erber (rotation student), Jose Maldonado, Jessica Martin, Lauren Beach, Rebecca Breuer (rotation student), Beth Adamowicz (rotation student), Jonathan Rawson, Willie Greggs. Missing: John Eichorst, Louis Mansky


Iwen Grigsby with HTLV-1 'bright' and 'dark' VLPs


Mansky lab members (August, 2013): Jose Maldonado, Willie Greggs, Keir Fogarty Iwen Grigsby, Lauren Beach, Jonathan Rawson, Louis Mansky, Beth Adamowicz (rotation student). Missing: Jessica Martin, Colleen Holtz, John Eichorst


Holly Sadler and Irene Dorweiler (Nov. 2012)


HTLV-1 Collaborative Principal Investigators (Sept, 2012): Wei Zhang, Joachim Mueller, Louis Mansky


Mansky Lab, October, 2011: (Front row) Tara Peterson, Jessica van Oploo, Joanna Mooney (rotation student), Colleen Holtz, Holly Sadler, Rebecca Asp; (Back row) Michael Dapp, Louis Mansky, Willie Greggs, Christine Clouser, Lauren Beach, Iwen Grigsby, Keir Fogarty, Jose Maldonado-Ortiz, Jonathan Rawson, Rick Heineman.


UMN IMV researchers at the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Retroviruses Meeting, May, 2011


Welcome sign for the 30th Annual Meeting of the American Society for Virology (ASV 2011) from the UMN and the Institute for Molecular Virology on the18th floor of Moos Tower (aka "The Penthouse")


Michelle Christian and Michael Dapp at ASV 2011 (photo by V. Racaniello)


Louis Mansky and Vincent Racaniello at ASV 2011 (photo by B. Semler)


Bert Semler, Michael Dapp, Jose Maldonado-Ortiz and Louis Mansky at ASV 2011 (photo by V. Racaniello)


Bert Semler and Louis Mansky at ASV 2011 (photo by V. Racaniello)




Mansky lab retreat, January 2010:  (left to right) Matthew Bess, Iwen Grigsby, Wil Greggs, Christine Clouser, Colleen (Lockman) Holtz, Lauren Beach, Michael Dapp, Casey Dorr, Jose Maldonado-Ortiz, Jonathan Rawson, Keir Fogarty (missing: Holly Sadler, Louis Mansky)


Howard Temin Symposium, McArdle Laboratory, UW-Madison, June, 2009 - John Coffin, Sandra Weller, Louis Mansky


Lauren Beach - Mansky Lab
Lauren Beach presenting her poster at the HIV Drug Resistance Program meeting, 2009


UMN IMV researchers at the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Retroviruses Meeting, May, 2009


Iwen Grigsby and Azah Tabah, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Retroviruses Meeting, May 2009

Wil Greggs, Colleen Holtz, & Lauren Beach at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Retroviruses Meeting, May 2009


Azah and Keir - Mansky lab
Keir Fogarty and Azah


Keir - Mansky lab  
Wow, what can you say?



Members of the Mansky Lab (December, 2008, left to right):  Casey Dorr, Christine Clouser, Michael Dapp, Holly Sadler, Azah Tabah, Colleen Lockman, Lauren Beach, Iwen Grigsby, Wil Greggs, Aaron Crosby, Matthew Bess, Louis Mansky


Iwen and Matt - Mansky lab
Iwen Grigsby meets Scooby Doo (Matt Bess)


Azah - Mansky Lab
Azah Tabah shows off her new 'hairdo'

Holly and Matt - Mansky lab
The Cat in the Hat discusses HIV with Scooby Doo


mansky lab bowling picture
Mansky Lab bowling - To the victors go the spoils!


Members of the Mansky Lab (July 07, left to right): Irene Dorweiler, Michael Dapp, Holly Sadler, Azah Tabah, Priya Kamdar, Louis Mansky, Christine Clouser, Colleen Lockman and Casey Dorr.


Nicole Very, Irene Dorweiler, Holly Sadler and Christine Clouser at the IMV Symposium, May 2006

Louis Mansky and Priya Kamdar at CBS Honors Dinner, May 2006.
Mansky Lab, 2006: Irene Dorweiler, Stephanie Lee, Toni Schwarz, Melissa Lee, Nichole Very, Holly Sadler, Christine Clouser, Casey Dorr, Priya Kamdar, Louis Mansky.
Mansky Lab, 2003: Greg Semon, Nancy Jewell, Renxiang Chen, Nicholas Machesky, Huating Wang, Louis Mansky, Raquel Raices.
Mansky Lab, 2000: Bottow Row: Amy Waggoner, Kendra (Norris) Heck, Huating Wang. Middle Row: Lisa (Bernard) Gajary, Jessica Kearney. Top Row: Louis Mansky, Nancy Jewell, Amanda Elpiner, Renxiang Chen, Matt Stachler.
Huating Wang and Renxiang Chen visiting Dr. Fadila Bouamr's poster at the HIV Drug Resistance Program Meeting, 2003.
Erwann LeRouzic, Serge Benichou and Louis Mansky, Paris, 2002.
Nancy Jewell
Lisa Gajary handles the arrival of a (small) shipment of gloves to the Mansky Lab.
Plaque located along the Howard Temin Path (formerly the Lakeshore Path), University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Featured News & Events

'Wisc-e-sota', a Joint UMN-UW Virology Training Grant Symposium will be held on Friday, October 10th, 2014 at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, Cartwright Center. This is the 2nd collaborative symposium of the NIH T32-supported virology training programs at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. Talks and poster sessions will bepresented by students, postdocs and faculty. The registration and abstract deadline is Wednesday, September 10, 2014 at 5pm. The link for registration and abstract submission is below:

The 2014 IMV Symposium will be held on May 12, 2014 and Mark Denison (Vanderbilt) and Bert Semler (UC-Irvine) will be the Keynote Speakers. Click on the link below to register and submit abstracts.

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