About the IMV Training Program

Graduate and postdoctoral students are the backbone to the research enterprise of the AHC. Thus, a central focus of the IMV is to enhance training and professional development of student and early-career scientists (including junior faculty).  The IMV sponsors several activities to emphasize student involvement and participation. They are:

  • a monthly Research-in-Progress series
  • an ‘Innovations in Virus Research’ lecture series,
  • the jointly sponsored UMN-Mayo Distinguished Lectures in Virology & Gene Therapy,
  • the IMV Annual Symposium
  • an anual social event (bowling or picnic).

All of these activities emphasize student involvement and participation.

Interdisciplinary and interprofessional training and mentoring is a highlight of the IMV. They include PhD and dual degree DDS-PhD, DVM-PhD and MD-PhD students in various PhD majors. These IMV activities have formed the cornerstone for the IMV Training Program, which is a NIH T32-supported program that supports predoctoral students pursuing Ph.D. degrees.  The training program has gained support from the UMN’s Graduate School through the creation of the  “Interdisciplinary Studies in Virus Research” graduate group, which is intended to further enhance the interdisciplinary nature of the IMV’s educational mission.

The IMV has competed for and has successfully attracted national/international scientific meetings to the U of M campus:  7th International Retroviral Nucleocapsid Symposium (Sept, 2009; 125 attendees), 30th Annual Meeting of the American Society for Virology (July, 2011; 1800 attendees).  The visibility of an AHC-based IMV has been highly instrumental in our institution’s success in attracting such meetings to our campus.

Finally, the IMV has worked to spearhead the development and submission of an NIH P30 Developmental Center for AIDS Research (CFAR) grant application.  For more information on the CFAR initiative, see www.CFAR.umn.edu