The Mansky Lab: Alumni

Email addresses (and websites where available) are indicated for previous members of the Mansky lab.

Recent Alumni
  • Rebecca Asp
  • Lauren Beach
  • Christine Clouser
  • Michael J. Dapp
  • Mondraya Howard
  • Willie M. Greggs
  • Iwen Grigsby
  • Tara Peterson
  • Holly Sadler
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Graduate student researchers
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Mansky lab & friends

Mansky lab & friends (July 2014): John Eichorst, Jose Maldonado, Nancy Rolstad, Tara Peterson, Jonathan Rawson, Lauren Beach, Jessica Martin, Bora Faulkner (Grimes/Jardine Lab), Nathaniel Soto-Rosado, Christine Clouser (Clouser Lab), Megan Roth, Louis Mansky.

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Alumni Spotlight

Huating Wang and her research group have recently discovered using ChIP-seq that the transcription factor YY1 regulates large intergenic non-coding RNAs (lincRNAs) in skeletal mygenesis. Their findings were published in the EMBO Journal.