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Prof. Louis Mansky's research group

Prof. Reuben Harris wins NIH Merit Award

Professor Reuben HarrisCongratulations to Reuben Harris, IMV Associate Director and professor in the University of Minnesota's College of Biological Sciences, who is a recent recipient of a NIH Merit Award as well as being selected by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) as an HHMI Investigator!

Prof. Reuben Harris

Reuben Harris

Reuben Harris, IMV Co-Director and professor in the University of Minnesota's College of Biological Sciences, has been awarded a five-year, $10 million grant from the National Institutes of Health to direct a large-scale research effort to study a human antiviral protein with potential for treating HIV and other viral diseases.

Prof. James Lokensgard, Investigator

james lokensgard

The Neuroimmunovirology laboratory is dedicated to understanding both protective and pathogenic neuroimmune responses during viral encephalitis. A number of independent research projects using several neurotropic viruses are currently underway. The first investigates host defense mechanisms against cytomegalovirus (CMV) brain infection. These experiments study how glial cell-produced chemokines recruit peripheral lymphocytes into the brain to control intracerebral viral spread, and are specifically dissecting the critical role of interleukin-10 and perforin-mediated cytotoxic activity.

Prof. Michael Murtaugh, Investigator

The Murtaugh laboratory seeks a comprehensive understanding of porcine immune responses to infectious pathogens, particularly persistent viruses. Porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (PRRSV) is the most important disease agent of swine worldwide. The porcine immune response to viral infection is deviates substantially from standard models of protective immunity. Viral clearance is a slow but inevitable process and is not dependent on neutralizing antibodies. Tools to assess the role of helper and cytotoxic T cells do not yet exist.

Dwight Anderson, Shelley Grimes, and Paul Jardine, Investigators

IMV investigators Dwight Anderson, Shelley Grimes, and Paul Jardine are investigating viral assembly and the description of biological motors at the molecular level. Both historically and experimentally, bacteriophages provide a perfect system to address both of these issues.